Iz Mozer

Romanticized Infections No. 10
wire mesh, plaster cloth, continuous glucose monitor sensor insertion devices, insulin pens, and acrylic paint on wood
48 x 48 x 12 in. | $4,200

Iz Mozer is a Chicago-based multi-disciplinary artist who typically employs an intuitive approach in their formal visual investigations. Mozer’s Romanticized Infections No. 10 is the culmination of years of processing their chronic illness through their art. Even after receiving their Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and beginning treatment, Iz remained fascinated by the subject of infections and disease and has continued to analyze their ideas on beauty and ugliness, comfort in discomfort, and the idea that ugliness is a necessary corrective that can stimulate a deeper appreciation of beauty. With this piece they repurposed their medical supplies, wrapped them in plaster cloth and topped it in acrylic paint. Bringing their work into three dimensions encourages viewers to experience their sculptural painting in a more visceral way, witnessing the emerging bulbous, chunky, mysterious forms, provoking a curiosity in both the subject and material.

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