Indrani Ashe + Arum Prameshwari

cotton, dye, tulle
157 x 118 x 157 in.

Our collaboration began with the exchange of two perspectives: fabric as a sculptural metaphor for skin or bodies, and toile as a metaphor for comfort. The fusion of these perspectives offered the imagination of a new space, a space depicting the comfort and sanctuary within the embrace of or inside of a body. This is a concept that is continually expressed in each phase of human life, physically and metaphorically.

In the realization of this imaginary space we experimented with a large variety of textures and tones. We used a dip dye technique on the fabric to create organic variation in color that had a stronger correlation to internal organs than the uniformity of factory produced hues. Layers of tulle create an interplay of color and form that at once symbolize membranes and inner working of the body as well as the complexities of the heart and mind which make each individual unique.

© Indrani Ashe + Arum Prameshwari