HoJung Jun

Spring Sunshine (2015)
acrylic on linen
20 x 16 in.

“Exploring with curiosity in canvas is a great journey in an imaginary space. With my art works, I am telling a story as well as looking for a secret garden. Making art works, I also look for my own place where I can mediate and collect my emotions.

I am inspired by nature or landscapes in my everyday experiences and in my memories. Harmony of colors drives me to paint with excitement. I enjoy creating dreamy, whimsical and poetic images which give a cozy, peaceful, and romantic atmosphere.

I want to communicate through my paintings where I can be free from time and space. On canvas, I can be anywhere, anytime and meet someone I miss. In my works, spontaneous paints and brush strokes create subtle depth. Both intentional and coincident effects can express how complicated our lives are. I explore a beauty within such complicated lives.

I like thin layers with absorbed, watery, and unexpected spread. Layering colors can give a moment of soothing meditation. While I want my art works to be a space of contemplation, I wish they also have a sense of vitality. There are various movements with different marks, drops, and lines.”