Helen Redman

Gavitas & Levitas
drawing, acrylic & collage on board
16 x 20 in.

“In this new series, “Sole to Soul,” some kind of magical thinking has overtaken me as I zoom from near to far, from self to universe. Looking down, drawing my body from the angle of sitting in lotus pose, I self-define my own aging. My work has become a meditation on the metaphorical imprint of age, part of a daily practice of spiritual centering. Moving from the physical reality of my flesh to the world of cells, flora and planets — what is drawn, painted and collaged unifies into one centrifugal field. The wood panel itself adds to the cracks and fissures of my feet, becoming part of my ongoing exploration of worn and furrowed forms, of life’s changing essence.”

Helen Redman, M.F.A., of San Diego is an internationally exhibited figurative artist, teacher and workshop facilitator. Her “Aging Into Full Creativity” project www.birthingthecrone.com focuses on the heightened creativity and spiritual growth that comes with age.

For more information visit: www.birthingthecrone.com

© Helen Redman