Hannah Jo Malaczynski

Gallery Going (2020)
#2 pencil and paper
8 x 11 in.

Art is well suited to change and adapt as quickly as life itself. Wedged within the complex spaces of everyday life, we see art laced gracefully; creeping behind our every move, day to day decisions, and what our futures might be. The studio functions on an unwavering ideology that art and real-life are inseparable, that each only exists through the other. Life has brought to us new criteria for how we are human, and it is within my artist’s hand I draw refuge and create a new level of connection to those I miss and love.

Sitting on the living room floor, I push down memory lane; sifting through old photographs and latching on to the lingering scent of times as we knew them. What I see every day; home life, work, family, the physical world around me — all of it stacks on top of itself and echoes through my making. What is real now feels unreal and I am pressed for a space of clarity
-one day.

© Hannah Jo Malaczynski