Hanna Dausch

Bone Marrow and Hair
bone, human hair, photograph
11 x 27.5 x 8 in.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Hanna Dausch is a sculptor currently focusing on woodworking and weaving. Her early work began as an analyzation of her fears to create visual manifestations of pain and death through decomposing human/animal remains. The distorted studies of detailed organic form she crafts slowly decay into what look like fossils questioning the differences between life and death. Through evaluating this work, she has discovered the importance of her attention to detail, labor, and craftsmanship skills. Using this as a foundation, she is presently producing work contemplating the debate of art vs. craft, continuous downfall and resurgence of skill, and functionality of work. By using materials and techniques traditionally related to craft, she thoroughly and precisely constructs forms that act as relics of their use.

© Hanna Dausch