Haley Morris

Shape To Fit: Week 3
daguerrotype, rawhide, wax
5 x 3 x 7 in.

I create work that deals with my frustration with my uncontrollable body mass and document my inability to fit into spaces designed for “normal” body sizes.

In the Shrink to Fit series, I document myself trying to fit into a bathroom because it is a space designed for use by everyone, no matter what size they are. I emphasize my attempt at “fitting” into the space by using the daguerreotype process, which results in the image of my body being forced into the small intimate space of the daguerreotype plate and the box which houses it. Each image represents one week of a seven week dieting process wherein I tried to lose weight to fit into a bathroom stall. Each daguerreotype is housed in a rawhide box that is filled with an amount of paraffin wax that corresponds with how much weight I lost that week.

© Haley Morris