Ginny Sykes

Kiss My… (2017)
mixed media collage, spray paint, acrylic on wood panel – 47 3/4 x 47 1/2 inches

“Kiss My…” invites the viewer to fill in the rest of the title. In the context of the current political climate, I might add “…my Jewish Ass Donald Trump, and Stay Away from My and Everyone Else’s Vagina”.  I paint, to quote Joanna Gardner-Huggett, Associate Professor and Chair, History of Art and Architecture, DePaul University, in her essay “Paint, Splatter and Roll: Ginny Sykes’s Irreverent Abstraction, as an “act of rebellion against goodness and good taste.”

At a time marked by a vicious resurgence of attacks on women’s reproductive rights, and a minimizing of, in the words of the 45th US President, sexual assault as just male locker room talk, it is not a moment for women to be demure or tasteful. That is simply coded language meant to silence and dismiss our legitimate anger. I protest any marginalization and control of my voice or body by the state or anyone who would confer legitimacy on the harassment of women.