Ginny Baughman

America the Beautiful
plaster and acrylic paint
30 x 24 x 5 in. | $1,000

Through my art I want to promote a dialogue about issues that are close to my heart. I am interested in different aspects of everyday life from motherhood, to religion, to global warming. My art often incorporates the feminine figure. I am influenced by many different artists and techniques. These include, but are not limited to, the illusionary qualities of the Surrealists, the constructiveness of Cubists, the illuminating qualities of the Impressionists, the emotionalism of the Expressionists and the soul-searching narratives of the Feminists.

Because my choice of media and style is often dictated by my theme, my art is content based, not media based. I use a variety of media for my art: including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, collage, paper sculpture, mixed media, installation, fiber and sidewalk chalk. I often combine media to create my artistic message. I work in both traditional to contemporary art and I will often try to give my traditional art a contemporary twist.

The art that I choose to pursue changes as my life changes. I’m constantly searching for new ideas and media to explore. I began with traditional artwork and moved into contemporary art and now I create both. My ideas flow through my art to create narratives that speak directly to my viewers. I create as an author, poet, or musician weaving an interesting story that can be interpreted differently by everyone who views my art. This is what makes the creation of art so exciting and rewarding for me. I look forward to hearing people’s reactions to the artwork that I create and then apply what I have learned to my next artworks.

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