Eva Dabara

Over My Dead Body
photography triptych
16 x 12 in. ea.

As a multidisciplinary artist engaged in visual arts, poetry, performance and dance, I am interested in the interaction between images, text and the body. My work is basically minimalist, and my artistic endeavor is to create a critical view of the individual and social circumstances, sexuality, stereotypes and human relations.

Using photographs, text, video, performance, objects and ready-mades I create a syntax which reveals a conceptual yet personal drive, merging the universal with my biography and the local reality I live within.

Zigzagging between the different elements and mediums I strive to create a multi-layered experience of the senses while exploring an eclectic world of diverse existence which is at times dramatic, absurd, humorous, hallucinated, poetic or mundane.

© Eva Dabara