Emily Beck

lazer cut mirrored acrylic
9 x 6 in. each

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose work manipulates and re-contextualizes aspects of our identity that are often hidden within the layers of human communication and interaction. Much of my work considers the complexities that come with self-awareness. Using video, animation, photography, sculpture and sound, I capture experiences of emotional vulnerability, unrehearsed performances, gender construction, systems of belief, and methods of connection and understanding.

Ladylike (altered signage) plays with the icon for woman, which is widely recognized as an indicator for the female gender. We read and recognize this icon almost as readily as we recognize our own voice. This altered signage depicts the icon paired with labels that have been assigned to the female gender. By presenting this altered signage, I ask the viewer to consider how we name, classify and stereotype gender. Naming a person who identifies as female “crazy” because they exhibit emotion or passion, or “bossy” because they exhibit authority and knowledge is destructive, controlling and hurtful.

© Emily Beck