Elzbieta Kazmierczak

Vicious Circle
quilted linoleum print
46.5 x 41 in.

My linoleum prints voice the emotional reality of survivors of domestic violence. I distort the figures to signify devoured, depreciated, and nearly annihilated selves. I relate both compositional and figurative dramatizations to the intensity of victims’ emotional turmoil. These artworks are expressions of public acknowledgement and validation of private and silent dramas of survivors of abuse.

I chose to quilt my linoleum prints to make references to the rich tradition of women¹s work, privacy, nurturing, and domesticity. Through these quilted prints, I wish to express the extraordinary women’s stories of ordinary abuse. Blending quilting with printmaking enables me to bridge the gap between fine arts and the crafts. Historically, men for the entertainment of the male audience produced fine arts. Quilting, like other crafts, was left to women as inferior. Through the quilting of my prints I hope to validate women’s world, stories, and sensitivities.

© Elzbieta Kazmierczak