Elisa Harkins

pencil, paper, photoshop, painter
33 x 26 in.

These 9 drawings tell the story of a Giant Eskimo who has a little girl in his belly. The narrative starts with a Giant who is lonely, but he is not alone. He has a girl inside of him. In his adventure to find a friend he jumps up on a cloud. He finds a fairy, but while he is reaching out to take her magic he falls off the cloud. He falls into the ocean where a whale picks him up and takes him to the shore. At the end of the story the little girl makes her presence known by sending him hearts up his throat that come out of his mouth as stars. The stars fly into the sky and shine upon the lonely Giant.

Elisa Harkins’ work uses paper, pencil and computer to illustrate her dream world. Harkins explores playful and childlike scenery to describe her dreams which are explanations for events and catastrophes that happen in the waking world.

© Elisa Harkins