Elaine Langerman

Merry Go Round
mixed: child’s toy, acrylic
11 x 6 in.

Oh, to be a kid again!!

I was a miserable little kid, with an older sister who defined the word ‘bully.’ But if I could just go back, I really could have lots more fun.

So, I guess my artwork has alot to do with wanting to go back and ‘get it right!’ Or just going back and telling it like it was–or, more to the point, how I thought it was–and how I felt about it!

Also, there’s this thing about wanting to be able to look at everything with the eyes of a child–freshly, with clean perception–and to be able to get back to that intuitive kid who was wise, sensitive and full of marvel. And there is the ruing adult who feels forced to swap that innocence for a disheartened view of what is happening all around us.

© Elaine Langerman