Eileen Downes

Marriage Fruit
wax collage, oil pastel
14 x 11 in.

As a self-described “Layerist,” I allow my life experiences to infuse my artwork with layers of significance. My artwork, as well as my creative process embodies a perspective of interconnectedness in vision, thought, and communication. I contend that thoughts and ideas become wasted if they are not shared with others, and that is why I create – to share my life experiences, philosophies, loves, and losses with society.

A substantial amount of my work explores issues important to women, including, motherhood, equality, feminine mystique, and the changing standards of femininity. I am confident of my feelings regarding such issues and am resolved about communicating them effectively.

Fascinated by color and how light plays upon different surface textures, I am drawn to utilize the medium of collage in much of my work. I often add an element or two of collage into my acrylic paintings as well. It is the process of creating visually pleasing or intellectually stimulating artwork that is most personally fulfilling for me as an artist; likewise, it is the process of experiencing a creative life as a woman, wife, mother, and daughter that is the most fulfilling for me in spirit.

© Eileen Downes