Dorothy Straughter

Educated/Loving Me – Honoring Ruby Bridges (06-2019)
double sided textile
86 x 62 in.

I was introduced to quilting by a dear neighbor, who showed me her Underground Railroad quilt. I then embarked on a historical journey, explicitly woven through numerous history-based quilts that include the Underground Railroad, Great Migration, and Negrobilia. I completed research to assess line, color, and form as they relate to learning and developed strategies of instruction in support of the specialized population. My background as an occupational therapist has helped me refine skills in neuroscience, disease processes, and human form/function.

My research, originating at the Stony Island Arts Bank and continuing to the world at large, has equipped me with historical perspectives difficult to find in other venues. My quilts have been featured at the Art Institute of Chicago, Beverly Arts Center, Beverly Art Walk, Museum of Science and Industry, Hyde Park Art Center, Open House Chicago, private home viewings, Woman Made Gallery, and Pandemograms. My multifaceted quilt-architect evolution continues to sketch itself through the fabric of time.

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