Dorothy Simpson Krause

Tomb from the Personal Geography series (2016)
mixed media, collage
16 x 16 in.

Worldwide, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are affecting our lives in ways we never imagined. With schools and businesses closed, essential workers risking their lives, massive unemployment and the necessity to “shelter in place”, daily life is challenging. We wear masks and practice social distancing when we need to leave home but the virus continues to rage.

The high incidence of infection has kept loved ones from being at the side of the ill and the dying, while the capacities of hospitals and funeral homes are strained to overflowing. Any congregate living environment is particularly vulnerable.

Although some wish to reopen the country at whatever the cost, most are working to flatten the curve and bring the infection under control. We long to return to normal, whatever and whenever that may be.

The series “Personal Geography” abstracts components of our shared human experience using gridded surfaces, paintings, photographs and collaged ephemera.

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