Donna Lograsso

No One to Play With
oil, appliqué, embroidery on canvas
71 x 71 in.

In this very recent work, I combine and relate the games children play, which both entertain and prepare them for adulthood, with the wanderings of the adult mind. The universality of the recognizable game board provides the work with cultural context and a graphic contrast to the deeper emotional quality of the sexual imagery. The combination of media also helps to unify the image layers. The strong texture and bright colors of the embroidery and appliquéd fabric engage the viewer while drawing them in to notice details. Beautiful moments, such as a stroke of paint interrupting a stitch of thread, offer the viewer a moment to pause and reflect on deeper contemplation of his or her own associated memories.

The figures, which are drawn from life as well as memory, visually interact with the game boards to convey issues of overindulgence, gluttony, good and bad, and right and wrong. I am aware of the effect these games have had on my personality and the lessons I’ve learned from playing them. My relationships with people as an adult are also
a product of my social development. Games teach socialization, competition, and creative fantasy. The interactions between adults are learned from the play or practice in childhood games. My aim, with a childlike approach offers a lighthearted first appearance, making accessible the deeper meaning in the games and interactions adults’ play, while inspiring contemplation on the viewers’ own memories.

© Donna Lograsso