Diane Chin

Bride #4
mixed media on paper
18 x 17 in.

My work is motivated by a desire to deconstruct people and their relationships, while actively creating something from the essence of human fragility. This work is part of a series of small drawings, titled “The Bride,” I have taken apart the image of the conventional western bride. I use collage as an important compositional element to break apart space and add a sense of tension to what is commonly seen as an idyllic and iconic image of a lone girl, dressed in white and cloaked in a veil that simultaneously isolates and romanticizes her.

In several of these pieces, I have introduced the element of text which highlights some of the basic questions underlying the institution of marriage: Who stands to benefit from the transaction? What are the consequences of this deeply revered and fundamental social institution on the identity of the individual? A pseudo-monochromatic palette and a strong sense of light and shadow further highlight the contrasts and inconsistencies of this ever-evolving cultural phenomenon.

© Diane Chin