Dawn Strand

Map of Me
graphite on paper
30 x 24 in.

This piece is part of a series of self-portraits that are an introspection of various aspects of my life. I chose the starkness and simplicity of graphite to show the stark reality of my reflections and the simplicity of the way I see myself…just an average person.

“Map of Me” is a self-portrait that shows how the wrinkles I have acquired correspond with the map of my travels…where most of my time on this planet has been spent. I think we are all a product of the area in which we’ve lived. The heart region shows my upbringing in Anderson, Indiana, where a majority of my family still resides. Near the eye is Nappanee & Warsaw, Indiana. I live in Nappanee and teach art for Warsaw Community Schools, where most of the public sees me. My head shows Chicago, a town I love. I just feel my thinking, style and philosophy reflect a more urban attitude than where I currently reside.

The deep introspection this series has allowed me to reprioritize my time and goals.

© Dawn Strand