Dana Ezzell Gay

The Search for Stones
altered book, mixed media
9.5 x 12.25 x 3 in.

I am driven by my passion for words. Developing visual and verbal narratives and creating spaces which tell meaningful stories is an important part of my work. I am intrigued at the potential of the book as a medium for communicating messages and enjoy discovering the relationships created when context changes meaning. These framed “typographic landscapes” were developed from a book entitled “When Shadows Fall.” They were created from a heart of suffering both over the loss of my mother and the struggles which I am facing as I watch my father battle cancer. “The search for stones” was created out of my need to transform, collect, and capture – stories, words, stones, fragments – and then share a story that helps others see, experience, and engage with a new space.

© Dana Ezzell Gay