Cynthia Winika

Smoke Bomb
encaustic, watercolor, pencil smoke bomb flairs, xerox transfer
50 x 39 in.

This piece explores the theme of memory of past places and lives. I use encaustic paint to layer and encapsulate paintings from the past and present. This piece references time spent living in China, two years in the late 60s, and concerns that I have today. The elements that make up this painting/collage are: the calligraphic markings of gunpowder fireworks left on paper when exploded, landscape paintings from the time I studied in Hsin Pei Thou, Taiwan, figure paintings done recently in Chinese style painting, old Chinese poetry/calligraphy expressing current sentiments, and Chinese spices. All these combined in a multi-layered collage integrated with wax.

© Cynthia Winika