Cynthia Hellyer Heinz

Flight Time, Memories
22 x 15 in.

My grandmother, at ninety, looked into the minor and asked, “who is that old woman?” We are more than just a skin bag. At our core is genuine beauty and we wrap it up in artifice.

My intension is to expose a conflict between what is considered culturally viable, beautiful and what is rotting, useless and horrific. Intentionally the shallow surfaces are rendered in layers of rich, sensuous color yet, when examined, the detritus of our true nature appears and questions why we dismiss that continuous creative power which is born from genuine acceptance of our own authenticity. This is a truth founded on experience, maturity and wisdom that is evident though the etched surface of the crone.

I am committed to the idea that art is an integral part of life, and learning to see art and life as one offers a distinct depth of holistic existence and synergy. Nothing stands alone, it is all part of a fabric, a weaving of layers of matter that are continuously being born, ripening and dying. Age: 56

© Cynthia Hellyer Heinz