Court Lurie

mixed media on canvas
48 x 48 in.

The power of vulnerability, of witnessing, and being witnessed is an invitation and often a catalyst for the deepest and most impactful connection. For me, this is the gift of art. Intimately greeting the unknown with veracity and a nod to risk, becomes a beacon into the collective human experience. When we tune and refine ourselves to our highest vibration, our frequency radiates out and changes lives.

When I allow the present moment, to be my guide, meander the uncharted path to explore it’s pure expression, I am entering a portal. This journey through the creative process opens a channel of communication that is ubiquitous. It is the human, being moved. New language is revealed, and the artwork lives into the world as a gift.

This unwavering dedication to curiosity and discovery, births a complex dialogue that is revealed inside the painting. The inventions leave marks of a human hand navigating itself through a desire to initiate contact with something visceral, magical, mystical, and sacred. Carnal, primitive, and raw. I tune to the frequency of receiving, and listen. I move when I am moved. I enter and leave the canvas with deep reverence and grace.

Each piece is an offering.

© Court Lurie