Corrine Rivard-Miller

My Security Blanket
photography, fiber

The motivation behind most of my work is to address social issues and assist viewers in becoming more aware of how they as individuals affect society. The majority of my work stems from an emotional response provoked by past memories and how they relate to my current environment. I use the process of making art as a way of self-exploration and in turn a way to mend past trauma.

Narrative is a strong force in all of my work, using text or the images themselves to tell a story. I consider myself a storyteller as well as a photographer, using both to convey my message. It is my hope that in telling my stories, the viewers will in turn see validation within their own experiences. Once people have been validated, they are able to move past pain and heal.

I believe in the power within art and trust that my work will provoke personal awareness and in turn perpetuate social change.

© Corrine Rivard-Miller