Corinne Butler

My Passport
digital composite photograph

I am inspired the images of Eugene Atget and Alan Sekula. I enjoy the views of the everyday. I enjoy the collages mixing multiple images of roughly the same place. Or in the case of the Atget Re-photographic Project, modern vs, his historical prints

I am looking now at my own life. From where did I come from? To the never truly answered-who do I want to be as a person? I am combining the past and the present, to help explore who I am.

As one of many people with immigrant ancestors I have generations of brave strong women who have come before me. My grandmother, seeing her with me as a baby in her arms, and as the 11-year old girl in her confirmation dress with doll. And even further back her aunts.

I see life in these people, growth, the beautiful fulfillment of promise and possibility; I am left with the desire to make them proud of who I have become and to leave a legacy that my descendants can be inspired by.

© Corinne Butler