Christy E. O’Connor

1. Status Symbol, 2022, mixed media, 31″x22″

2. Get My Pretty Name Outta Your Mouth, 2022, mixed media, 40″x26″

3. Try Me, 2021, mixed media embroidery, 10″x10″

4. Servin’ Up Some Shade, 2022, mixed media embroidery, 10″x10″

5. Her Tongue Was Filled with Poison, For It Spoke the Truth, 2021, mixed media, 27″x21

6. In the Deep Dark Wood, 2021, mixed media, 12″x12″

7. This Dance Was Getting Old, and So Was She, 2021, mixed media, 21″x17″

8. She Is the Storm, She Is the Thunder, and the Quake, 2021, mixed media, 18″x18″