Christine Rabenold

Site X Series (2019)
ceramic, glaze, felt, pla filament, wood
40 x 45 x 10 in.

My artwork tends to comment on, if not interrogate, aspects of memory, identity, and class. How we remember, what we choose to remember, how authentic these memories are, and how memory connects to one’s topographical environment are important questions in my work.

A common practice is the connection of memory to objects and the use of the casting process. One interesting idea about the replication of objects through casting is the displacement of the real object and its simulacra. The casting process enables the memory of the original object to carry through, but simultaneously competes with the original object’s authenticity and authorship. As an object maker, I am captivated by the notion of objects alluding to memories and the participatory dialogue that can evolve with the viewers.

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