Christine LoFaso

Corpus: Excerpts From The Body Project
japanese paper, ink, silk
24 x 36 in.

For several years my work has questioned culturally determined body ideals while exploring issues of beauty, security, youthfulness, and power. I recently developed a series of questions about the body that was sent to a diverse audience of men and women, ranging in age from 20-70 years:

  1. Are you comfortable with your body?
  2. What do you admire about your body?
  3. What would you change about your body?
  4. How have your thoughts and feelings changed over time concerning your body?
  5. Can you imagine yourself without a body?

Honest and poignant, the Body Project responses – compromised of stories, confessions, observations, and memories – form the basis of current work in glass, cloth, paper, light, and shadow.

© Christine LoFaso