Christina Canzoneri

Fertility Mandala
20 x 20 in.

Being a science and sci-fi fan often leads me in a direction of trying to understand our spiritual purpose in this mysterious universe. Photoshop allows me to achieve great ranges of color and techniques to create the multi-dimensional concepts that I envision. Motherhood is an incredible honor and provides a cosmic connection to the past, present & future. I am awed by the thought that we as women have tremendous power to give life. With the oncoming rush of AI, cloning and human enhancements, I wonder where Trans-humanism will take us in the near future. For art inspiration, I admire the works of Georges Seurat, Giorgio di Chirico and Alex Grey.

Fertility Mandala – Motherhood and a mother’s spiritual role in the universe seem best represented in a mandala. The repetition of design represents the fertility potential of the average woman menstruating 12 times a year for approximately 30 years before menopause ensues—the potential for 360 babies in a lifetime! The implied fractal and aspects of a perfect 360-degree circle add an interesting coincidence.

© Christina Canzoneri