Chinze Ojobo

Solace (2018)
acrylic on canvas
48 x 24 in.

Support (2019)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 36 in.

I remember vividly how it all happened; my dad was 90 years old. He has been having out-of-body experiences. He called me, because I traveled, he asked when I am due back, I told him, and he said “he will wait”. I wondered in my mind about what he meant by that. I came back, went to see him, he looked weak. So I decided I take him to my house, my 86 year old mom, his wife, was already living with me. He saw my mom, they were very happy and hugged each other not knowing it was the last. They ate and prayed together and they slept.

By 4am, he wasn’t feeling too good; we rushed him to the hospital but he did not make it. He always told anyone that cared to listen that he has completed his assignment on earth and he is ready to go. He talked about the glory. I was shocked, I never knew it was our last time together. Then I realized when he said ‘he will wait’, he negotiated with God. Now, how would we tell my mum?

A few days before the funeral we told her and she cried for days. That was a difficult time. I had to isolate to grieve, I helped myself heal by making an 8 x 8 foot painting titled “soul, spirit and body”. We had a good family support group all through the funeral.

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