Catana Barnes

#11 of 30 (Visual Autobiography of Abuse)
silver gelatin photograph with text
11 x 14 in.

This work is part of a series that deals with my history of abuse and neglect which deals with specific events that have stood out to me through the years. These events are only parts of the whole picture, as it would be impossible for me to list everything that has happened over thirty-six years.

Not all of the abuse and neglect that took place has been an “event.” A great deal of what I endured was in the form of very hurtful words and statements like, you’re stupid, you’re useless, and just being left alone to raise myself. I didn’t know any other life, than the life that included daily abuse and neglect at the hands of my mother, my uncle, other family members, the school faculty that I dealt with as I was growing up and my ex-boyfriends.

This photographic project has been both cathartic and therapeutic. I hope that others that suffer, or have suffered from abuse or neglect can benefit from this project by seeing that it is possible to come to terms with and survive such tragedies.

© Catana Barnes