Cat Chow

Mère (2017)
mixed media – 8 x 8 x 8 inches

It’s always a pleasure working with Woman Made Gallery, one of the first galleries to exhibit my work almost twenty years ago. For their ‘Stronger Together’ invitational show, I thought it would be appropriate to reinterpret Mother. Originally a large-scale enigmatic sculpture (dimensions eight feet in height, width and depth), this new mini-version entitled Mère marks a new chapter in my artistic career as I decided to relocate to Paris last spring after living in New York City for ten years. It’s been an ideal place for my inspiration + creation. Not surprisingly I am re-exploring past themes of minimalism and mathematics while finding beauty and meaning in the discarded. Finally, the title is a universal one and reminds the viewer how we can all be mothers by nurturing and caring for ourselves, others and the planet.