Carrie Hoelzer

Consumption Patterns
bookart, inkjet prints
5 x 5 x 1 in.

I have been interested in issues surrounding identity for as long as I can remember: the act of self-labeling or having a label imposed upon one’s self, how external feedback impacts self-perception and ways in which behavior modification is enacted within groups to produce specific outcomes.

The continuous process of deconstructing and reconstructing one’s self, as well as the process of trying to clarify and articulate the essence of self, which remain as constants amidst the unavoidable fluxes within environment, fascinates me.

My work has, and continues to be, an attempt at dissecting and closely examining interpersonal relationships, and at times broader societal trends, to assign some sort of order, hence meaning, upon them.

The issues I’m trying to interpret and question in my work are not typically those that remain fixed in a static time or place- but rather move through space and interact with it. I tend to work in a loose narrative format, via photography, book arts, and more recently, video and installation as well.

© Carrie Hoelzer