Bushra Chaudry

Broken Borders-V
mixed media
25.75 x 19.75 in.

In my everyday life, my escape is in the creative power of art. I am primarily a visual person and am always observing images and ideas which have yet to take form. That was the case for my new series of images to memorialize the changing events to world geography.

My work has always been a mirror of the culture in which I live, and through my work, I express my joy, pain, desire and triumphs. As I try to come to understand with the unspeakable events of the existing world, my drawings reflect the outpouring of grief, loss and the ultimate destruction of our world. The drawings are the visual expression of my own feelings to the tragedy of the broken borders and I believe they serve to express what we’ve all been feeling as we come to the reality that our world has changed forever.

© Bushra Chaudry