Brooke Jana

Crude- Feathered Friends Of The Deepwater Horizon
giclée print of digital art on archival matte paper
16 x 16 in.

Smart art. That’s how my work has been described by others. Through various digital processes, I use words as my palette. Being a bit on the obsessive side, I pay great attention to detail and realism. My goal is to create pieces which are pleasing to the eye on a holistic level and intriguing to the mind upon closer inspection. I particularly enjoy reconfiguring the written word into associated images.

This “visual wordsmithing” began in 2016, as I created artwork to be sold as a fundraiser for the Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Since that time, I’ve expanded my content to other areas of literature, nature, and popular themes. Challenging the limits of the software I have available, creative problem-solving has resulted in more complex designs, often formed from several separate images.

A native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I reside in Waverly, PA with my two daughters, dog, and an excessive number of cats.

© Brooke Jana