Briar Craig

Written in Stone
ultra-violet screen print
41.5 x 29.25 in

I have always made extensive use of text in my prints. I have used words and letters like pieces in a game often scrambling or otherwise jumbling / layering them in order to create some confusion and to initiate a re-thinking of what the words might actually be saying. Increasingly, I have been using texts in a more sociopolitical manner (sometimes jumbled or layered and sometimes not) as a kind of commentary on the current state of the world. Given the divisiveness of the most recent federal elections in Canada, the US and in the Brexit vote my work is attempting to provide the viewer with words and phrases they can interpret in their own idiosyncratic biased or un-biased ways.

The idea of what constitutes a truth or a lie has become increasingly blurred and the various texts used in my work are intending to work together to illuminate the chaos of much contemporary sociopolitical discussion and rhetoric.”

© Briar Craig