Brianna Hernández Baurichter

Consequence (2018)
single-channel video; 4’11”

“The U.S. tends to have difficulty confronting the realities of life as it relates to death and the process of dying, leaving many caregivers and the bereaved to feel isolated and shamed into silence in their grief and trauma. After becoming a caregiver and ultimately losing my mother to cancer, I have made an effort to break down this silence through my artwork and researched others sharing this desire across industries.

My ongoing body of work, “Anticipatory|Después” (A|D) captures the complex layers of trauma, dying, and grief through a caregiver’s eyes. Each piece shares the physical and emotional affliction of the dying, the caregiver, and at times the two concurrently. Through “A|D” artworks, workshops, and resources, I offer communal opportunities for healing, and an honest, open dialogue around dying and grief.”

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© Brianna Hernández Baurichter