Boisali Biswas

My Fiber Art world is quite an adventure in my home studio. Many assorted techniques get integrated together with the usage of a variety of materials like yarns, fabrics, twigs, paper, ceramics pieces, copper strips, reeds, etc. I put a sincere effort into upcycling. Styrofoam forms, discarded fruit netting, fabric remnants, yarn wastes all find a place somewhere in the amalgamation of layers. Over the years I became convinced that as much as I love to weave, I like to get my hands dirty with dyes and paints too. With all this, evolved my mixed media fiber art.

One constant element in my work has been my bonding with my roots. By now I have spent more than half of my life in the US. In spite of that, images, corners, moments, people, landscapes, experiences, cityscapes, ancient weaving techniques from India show up in my subconscious mind more than ever. The soul searching continues…

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