Bobbye Cochran

Eyes On You
26 x 84 in.

In this painting, I explore the emotional sensation of the visual touch. What emotion does she portray to you, desire, despair, joy, empathy, a sense of mystery, or none of these?

My work is focused on evocative studies of grouped objects and probing, impressionistic portraits of single figures. I work mainly in acrylic, oils, pastels, and found objects. Parallel to my longtime work as a fine artist, I’ve had an extensive career as a graphic designer. My design and advertising work have definitely influenced my artwork, as evidenced by my use of high-contrast palettes and the finely calibrated balance of linear forms with more diffuse, atmospheric elements. I want my work to deliver an immediate visual impact, but also an organic richness, unfolding overtime in its depth and color.

© Bobbye Cochran