Bobbi Meier

“Attachments” from the installation “My Mother Always said I Looked Good in Red” (2016)
my daughter’s dressing table bench, fiber, pantyhose, hair, house paint, spray paint, various textiles
18 x 16 x 24 in.

I create fiber-based sculpture, installations, drawings and photographs, exploring themes of sensuality, emotional struggle and loss. Subversion, ambiguity and humor are primary considerations as I encourage the psychological impulse to see implications of the body in my abstract forms. I am interested in sewing as an act of aggression. Suturing, stabbing, holding together, and constricting, binding my work literally, and figuratively. Seduction, revulsion, and humor exist in objects built from fragments of clothing, toys, medical paraphernalia, and household furnishings. Thrifted furniture and found materials are selected for their seductive qualities and are shrouded, stuffed and stretched into anthropomorphic objects.