Bobbi Meier

Producing work that is sensuous, slightly frightening, and grotesquely humorous has become a means to engage discomfort and anger with situations that cannot be changed. Life’s frustrations and the human condition are embedded into my abstract sculptures, drawings, and installations. Curious about the psychological impulse to see bodily shapes in non-objective forms, and how these objects can elicit a range of conflicting observations, emotions, and memories, I handle materials through delicate and aggressive manipulation.

Tying, binding and stitching are both cathartic and agitated actions important in my production process to transform and arouse emotional response. Bits of lace, appliqué flowers, beaded fringe, medical tubing, porcelain, furniture — materials domestic in nature, intermingle with sexually loaded materials of spandex and stuffed pantyhose. Additive and reductive layering in sculptures and collages reveal and disguise personal histories of loss, pain, joy and disco dancing, offering evidence of time passing.

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