Blair Bogin

A Death in the Family
Digital video; Dimensions variable

I generate documentary-based hybrids of writing, performance, photo and video that imparts poetic humor into topics of esotericism. I am interested in the anatomy of identity, our sub-personalities or patterns of consuming life and the maneuvers taken for its preservation or reconstruction.

With influences from Humanistic psychology, Eastern Philosophy and Hellenistic Astrology, I measure the facts about individuation against its lesser quantifiable absurdities.

My personal work branches out into several forms of social practice. I am the founder and host of Wax Long, a full moon performance event in Chicago and conduct Circle for Square, a pop-up community art space at the Logan Square Farmers Market. I am interested in creating spaces that allow people to relate on an equal plane of play and storytelling, to produce more than mere aesthetic object, but that which creates the possibility for kinship and care.

I received my BA from Indiana University Bloomington and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.