Bhagya Ajaikumar

Missing You #3 (2020)
photograph, digital print on photo paper
16 x 12 in.

I am based in Chicago, US and Bangalore, India. As an artist, educator, gallerist, and administrator, I reach out to students and fellow artists, organizing artist residencies with international artists, and empower women and children from rural India.

I work with the concept, the language and vocabulary of hand gestures or mudras, which represent multiple meanings in the context of a form or story. I explore by molding and casting my own hands. The layered images of hands in several of my works encapsulates the universal understanding of expressing and caring.

My art represents the separation we are facing while my youngest daughter (a twin) studying in Canada, is detained on campus and not being able to travel international due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the rest of my family and I are together and we are able to keep in touch with her virtually through video calls where we catch up, play games, and enjoy a meal together.

As a lover of nature, my art engages with the anthropogenic, and my passion to capture the moments that I experience through photography and video.

At this time of the pandemic, I take this opportunity to be in touch with Woman Made Gallery while being in India. Being in Touch is at the peak now worldwide due to social distancing.

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