Babsi Loisch

but then you see the trees from here (2018)
video 10:47min | NFS

As artist, conversationalist, mover, and archivist, I use unconventional and overlooked materials like words, time, relationships and movement, found objects and raw clay as components to create. My work revolves around acknowledging the body as simultaneous site of production, care and labor.

After the birth of my daughter, settling down into the new reality of attending school with a baby, I decided to open the door of the Lactation Room for whoever wanted to come in, look, sit down, or talk. This action was about sharing space and time with others. It was about acknowledging the query and the perplexity of the situation more than it was about a need of positioning or about finding answers.

It was about laying bare my experience in the strange, cozy, blurred zone of not being just one, but also not yet being two that is mirrored in this intimate space. A maze of enigmas—art as a space for mothers and children, labor relations, time precarity, gender roles within the arts, and space interpretations—that I keep walking through, trying to find my way.

The beginning leg of a journey that had only just started, the video “but then you see the trees from here” is a meditation on this small stretch of time.

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