Audrey Kriss Berkowitz

Josh’s Sunrise (9/25/2018)
11 x 14 in.

“Photography is a world that opened up to me in the last few years. After the tragic death of my son in 2016 at the age of 29 from a heroin overdose, I was lost and trying to find a way to go on. I began to re-focus my vision for life and what was important to me. The beauty of nature helped bring peace and serenity into my world which had been turned upside and gave me another perspective.

I felt the gift my son left me was to see the world in a different light and be able to bring peace and serenity to others through my view of nature. Nature has the ability to help many cope with grief and the sadness and loss they are experiencing.

The work submitted was taken on my son Josh’s birthday 2 years after his death. My desire was to spend sunrise with my angel at my happy place, Kure Beach where a plaque for him resides.”

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© Audrey Kriss Berkowitz