She Sees Through Time #1 (2020)
charcoal, ink and oil pastel drawing on paper
18 x 24 in.

My drawings are born out of an intimate communication between myself and a fictional woman from another plane/multiverse. Our exchanges include glimpses captured through dreams, liminal moments, and transcendent experiences through meditation or witnessing nature.

The woman and I seek to understand our link and attempt to find a way to meet in the same time-space. Elusive moments of connection are suggested in the background of the drawings via ancient maps, symbols, and quantum mechanic formulas. The text offers a transcription of fragmented transmissions of consciousness.

Drawn by blind contour, the figures appear both real and slightly amiss — representing the dichotomy of our rich spiritual relationship against the time/space disconnect. The flashes of color with ink reflect moments of connection, like a glimmer in a mirror or a memory.

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© Ara-Lucia