April Wright

Regurgitated Wall
cotton gauze, cheesecloth, tracing paper, flour paste, and shellac
36 x 84 x 12 in.

I use humble everyday materials to simulate fragile moments that live in between abandonment and renewal, connecting emotional and physical landscapes of home. Inspiration is drawn from emotional support systems that inhabit domestic spaces and empathy of loss from fragile narratives. In my process there remains ever present, a cyclical act of accumulating, re-purposing, and building. My installations and sculptures are precarious and redolent with gestures of longing for stability within the home.

Gaston Bachelard stated that “homes are in us as much as we are in them.” My concept of home represents an ambivalence, as a space that can be supportive and nurturing, and at the same time oppressive and disorienting. In this body of work, I express complex relationships in a space where melancholy is materialized. For instance, hollow paper cinder blocks stand in for emotional boundaries, while disjointed paper-casted window frames collapse into diverse perspectives. Using repurposed, discarded materials to create metaphors for emotional support structures, the work expresses this ambivalent urgency to bury the past, while existing in the present with resilient adaptability.

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