Anya Pinchuk

Brooch I
2 x 2 x 1 in.

Brooch II
18k gold
2 x 2 x 1 in.

Mathematics, especially geometry, was always one of my favorite subjects in school. I was fascinated by the process of problem solving, drawing geometric shapes, thinking about the correlation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional properties. This fascination has stayed with me up until the present. I associate the processes involved in conception and execution of a piece of jewelry with the process of solving a geometrical problem. For me, geometry became the universal language that can be understood regardless of what cultural background one has. I find beauty in basic geometric shapes, trigonometric functions, and classical proportions, as well as in more organic forms, such as relief and topography. I have always been fascinated by the ability to describe a surface with lines. Organic surfaces interest me from a mathematical point of view. I try to imagine them covered by a grid and translated into geometry.

My work is dominated by structure and abstraction. I try to create the illusion of a solid surface by using positive and negative spaces, light and shadows, and transparency. In my work I use my knowledge of geometry to create three-dimensional volumetric forms using places, tubes, and cones, juxtaposing somewhat organic silhouettes and geometric shapes, structure, and patterns. I use repetition as a principle: in the overall appearance (the patterns that I create) as well as in the constructing process (multiple soldering). The pieces are a combination of simplicity (of a shape, line and form) and complexity (of a pattern, surface, and process) in each piece. Geometric and organic qualities, squares and circles, symmetry and asymmetry, plainness and intricacy, limits and infinity, solidity and transparency coexist in my work.

© Anya Pinchuk