Ann Quinn

Bundled Sticks
mixed media
72 x 12 in.

The Midwestern girl doesn’t long for the mountains and the sea salt. She knows sunlight, fertile land with seasonal rhythms, and sustenance in abundance.

Ann Quinn was born into the land of forest and rivers, her first steps tracing over the foot paths of the Potawatomi nation, in the forest, river bed, and farmland cultivated by Chief sauganash, known as Billy Caldwell to the English settlers.

Paradise is here, in fertile flatlands irrigated naturally into a source of nourishment to the world. Just as our art originates where it must and travels where it will.

Midwestern blood, if you have it, you know it. It is warm and cursive, reliable and inspiring. You would ask for no other.

Ann digs her land, her fresh water beach and lake, her river trails, and her meadows and prairies. She finds her objects locally: the midwest gives her the threads, the metals, and the sundries she unites and assembles into her simple, lively visibles.

© Ann Quinn